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David Crank is the founder and lead pastor of FaithChurch.com, spanning four different campuses including three church campuses in Saint Louis, Missouri, and one in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Our Biggest Problem Is…

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The battle in our mind. The greatest fight of faith is the fight we fight to keep from fighting in our mind. If we’re starting an organization, if we just got married, if we’re battling cancer, the biggest problem we’ve got is not coming from the another source. It’s on…


Be Passionate

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God so loved the world (that’s commitment) that he gave his only begotten son (another commitment) that whoever would believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16). So many of us are wishy washy and don’t stick with anything. God has an enduring passion for us…


The Blessing In A Tough Situation

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Successful relationships, marriage, careers, weight loss, finances, they all point back to this little word called commitment. It has incredible power. In Genesis 29:31, God saw that Leah was hated, and he opened up her womb while Rachel stayed barren. Leah was committed even though she wasn’t happy with the…


Would You Stick Your Hand Into A Shark’s Mouth?

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When we get offended, we are sticking our hand into a shark’s mouth. And when we get into secondary offense we are doing it on PURPOSE. We aren’t the ones who got hurt; someone else got hurt, but we take on the offense as if it happened to us. Either…

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"Talking to God is like talking to a friend on the telephone. We may not see Him on the other end, but we know He's listening."

− David Crank

"Success is not about how many hits you can give, it’s about how many you can take and still decide to be happy."

− David Crank

"Years from now you'll be more much more disappointed by the things you didn't do, than by the things you did do."

− David Crank

"People say you don't know what you've got until its gone. Truth is, you knew what you had - you just thought you'd never lose it. Appreciate now."

− David Crank

"Small tweaks equal big peaks."

− David Crank

"The secret of success: Stop wishing and start doing."

− David Crank

"Prayer is man exercising his legal authority on earth to invoke heaven's influence on the planet."

− David Crank

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