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Before we got married, Nicole sat me down for a serious talk about money. When I found out how much money she made… I could hear Olivia Newton-John singing, “I love you, I honestly love you!”

But, Nicole had been a single mom and she was really smart about money. She wanted us to pay off our house, first. But, that meant sacrifices. Specifically, that meant vacationing in a tent instead of a nice hotel.

Seriously…a TENT? Like Moses and the Tabernacle?

But she was insistent! I’m thinking; “This lady makes bank and she’s gonna take Crank to stay in a place that’s gonna stank?”

 So, there we were at the KOA Campground, surrounded by all these fancy RVs in our Beverly Hillbillies tent with our window air-conditioning unit poking out! Lol

But, looking back, I’m so glad we did! The money we saved went toward paying off our mortgage, early. Which meant, we were able to sell our house for a profit when God told us to move.

It was the beginning of God’s “Circle of Prosperity”.

If you’re struggling financially, I want you to know that it won’t always be this way. God has BIG plans for you! He has a prosperous future all mapped out!

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”  Zechariah 4:10 (NLT)

Take good care of whatever God has given you, NOW, so you can really enjoy what MORE He has in store!

Have a great day, today! I call you BLESSED!


You can read more about getting out of debt and building prosperity, in my book, Solving Your Money Problems.

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  • Hilarious! Love reading both of you & Pastor Nicole’s blogs! Your sense o humor attracts listeners! Just want you to know how much you and your family mean to me. Going thru the tragic loss of my late husband, Roger, almost 4 yrs ago was the most difficult thing I have endured. I had an abusive first husband, list my one ya old baby girl during that time and , my father left our home when I was 9 and didn’t see him for 4 yrsfeeling sbandoned then saw him here and there til he passed away from alcoholism when I was 31.Riger was a God send and was married 18 yrs but ended with a work accident. Leaving the son we shared who was 16and I devistated But God… carriying me thru the storm. Plugging into church & hugging as many people as I could along the way helped more than any other worldly thing I could have gotten caught up in. Surrendering daily ready to move forward praying for my heart to open again. The revival was my turn around. I had never been to one and couldn’t get enough of feeling the Holy Spirit. I grew up a Luke warm Methodist but felt God in each situation in my life by my side growing spiritually stronger each day. Doors are opening now and I can’t wait to tell you how the story ends but it’s my Banner Years so it’s going to be good! God Bless you and Nicole, Austin , Morgan & Ashtyn for changing my life! I Love Your family and all that you are doing for God to help change the world! I will always keep your family in my prayers for the hedge of protection. In Jesus Name! Amen! 😇💞🙏🏼💒🌴💜🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Moses Onyango says:

    May the Lord bless you for the teaching AMEN

  • Joanna Kent says:

    This Guy is so so smart!!!! Pastor David had the heart and wisdom to respect his wifes wishes to pay their house offf AND not go against her for his own desires.
    It paid off well for them both.
    Thats one of greatest secret s for a sucessful marriage. To respect the other person opinion and ideas.
    Rocky Balboa ( yes that guy Pastor David friend Slyvester Stallone)
    Said it best. “Shes got gaps. I got gaps. Together we fill gaps.”
    It wiill ALL work out for the better if u just let God do his part too!!!!

  • Kimberly McElhiney says:

    Thank you David for your inspirational message! Its nice to know I can relate to YOU! I have been watching you and Nicole for years now, and am meaning to get to one of your Churches in West Palm. I have been struggling with my finances for several years now since I no longer work and am disabled. My social security check doesn’t go far. I used to work as an ocean lifeguard, and I made pretty good money while I was sitting on the beach! Anyway I just want to thank you again for the wonderful work you and your family are doing!

  • Ola idowu says:

    I have ordered the book, God help me. I am a single mother with two children a widow. Am believing God to pay off the mortgage so that we will not be homeless in 6 years time. Looking forward to reading the book and getting inspirations

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