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A while back, I was at Bandana’s getting lunch with Ashtyn. I was just minding my own business when this guy calls out to me.

“HEY…Pastor Crank!”

I get that a lot, so I said, “Hi! How ya doin?”

He said, “I HATE your haircut! It looks totally STUPID!”

(I wanted to say, “Hey, catch me outside! How ‘bout THAT?”)

But, I didn’t. I was shocked! I was HURT! I was thinking, “Ya know, I make my living with my mouth. I could rip this guy up pretty good!”

I just looked at him and said, “I’m sorry you don’t like my hair.” And kept walking back to my table.

Now… I’m not totally holy. I had to tell Ashtyn all about it! She’s very wise for her years. She said, “Don’t worry about it, Dad. It doesn’t matter.”

It still hurt… and I didn’t even know that guy!

What really hurts, is when someone we LOVE, someone we TRUST betrays us. It can take a long time to get past that hurt if we keep hanging on to it.

With his last breath, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them. They don’t even know what they’re doing.” (Crank Translation)

You’ve heard me say it. Hurt people… HURT people!

If you want to bounce back from that betrayal, FORGIVE them and let it go! Don’t get bitter… get BETTER!

Have a great day, today! I call you BLESSED!

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  • Luke says:


    Everybody hurts sometimes

  • Ronda Davis says:

    Awesome wisdom!!

  • Joanna Kent says:

    What an awesome guy u r Pastor Crank!!!! I like ur hair!!! Whoever u go to that cutz and styles ur hair does a great job!!!!
    U know the guy was trying to get ur attention??? Sometimes itz not easy being famous and sucessful. It brings out the weirdozzzzz!!!! .
    But like I tell my Indycar drivers just smile and shrugg it off with grace.
    Thx for the great blog post.
    Ps– I was teasesd about my thick curly hair my whole young and teenage life. It made me feel real bad. BUT GOD HAD THE LAST LAUGH!!! And he does have an awesome sense of humor. Bcuz I have spent my whole adult 3 decades of hairstylist and women tell me how much they love my thick naturally curly hair. I am so blessed bcuz I get my hair cut and just walk out of a salon!! AND IT LOOKS GREAT!!! No perms or special treat ments. I have saved thousands of dollers that other women have to spend to be trendy when mine is all natural and God good handy work. Whoz laughing now!!!!!

  • Crystal says:

    I love that you live your life out in the open and outside the box, the same as everyone else. Blessings! Encouraging Words are sometimes hard to hear after a tear down, but it is like a training to keep you sensitive to what God really thinks about you! And HE loves you as far as the east is from the west!
    May God bless Ashtyn for being ready with that encouraging Word!

  • Ronald Jenkins says:

    I think your hair is totally cool, was wandering how do he keep so much on top when mine seems like its starting to recede. I call you Blessed also.

  • Tina Boone says:

    AMEN AMEN 🙏🏻Sometimes I think people say things to hurt others because they’re jealous of what you have or that you’re further along in life. Like you said hurt people hurt people! Jealous people do too.
    Thank you for all you do for all of us! You’re a true inspiration to many!!
    PS Your hair style looks great!

  • Dave Goodson says:

    Pastor Dave, that guy just don’t have good taste in a nice styled cut. Regardless dust our shoes off, test from Satan to distract us to get a response, greater than he that lives in us provides us more than enough to conquer! We love you PD Blessings hope to see you soon. Keep it up, STLFaith is reaching thousands! Thank you for all you and PN and staff do! Your truly a blessing to us! Dave Goodson

  • Marjorie Sabbath-Webb says:

    This really blessed me!

  • Lorraine Ware says:

    You look great!!! My husband always tell me my LIGHT IS SHINING and they are trying to put it out. You are on HIGH BEAM, BEAMING and they can not stand the BEAMING LIGHT. KEEP ON SHINING BRIGHTER . L.Ware

  • Sandy Dinse says:

    Or as they say Ho Opono Pono

  • June Rodgers says:

    I love your hair 😀 . God bless you.

  • June Rodgers says:

    I love your hair .😀 God bless you.

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