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Some people have to make lists in order to keep track of things. Other people use sticky notes, and others use reminders on their phone. Peter and Paul wrote down what God told them. What if they had just thought hey that’s great and DIDN’T WRITE IT DOWN? Well, we’d be hosed, and we wouldn’t have a Bible to read. Do YOU remember what’s been said in the last few godly messages you’ve listened to? In fact, do you remember all of the things others told you yesterday? I think that’s God’s point.

Write The Vision. Habakkuk 2:2

God continues to speak to those who write it down. They are better positioned to regurgitate it back later. The information is reinforced through the act of bringing permanency to the message in writing. The act of hearing, writing and then repeating it back to someone else or out loud to ourselves further affirms the Word in our life. Faith comes by hearing… (Romans 10:17) Write it, read it, speak it!

Trust The One Who Knows

In the last days, some will be deceived. (1 Timothy 4:1) Someone on TV said that we can’t judge what’s happening in the world based on a book that’s 2000 years old. That in itself is proof that the bible is true. It’s so culturally relevant it’s out ahead of us.

Be Encouraged!

We need to write what God shows us through our pastor; we need to write what he shows us during our Bible reading time with him or during times of conversation with him. God placed a know-it-all inside of us which means we know all things (1 John 2:20). How can we remember what he has told us if we don’t write it down? I write down what he tells me, I even keep a notebook. How about you?

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