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When I was a little boy, I remember telling my dad that we needed socks. But, we didn’t have the money to buy any.

Can you imagine that?

So he prayed, “God, we don’t have money but we could really use some new socks. We believe we receive it, now, in Jesus name.”

What was he doing? He was training me to think differently. We weren’t dependent upon the government or on my dad’s paycheck. (because he didn’t have one)

We were dependent upon GOD!

We didn’t tell anybody. But in the next town, the pastor came to my dad. He said, “I hope you guys aren’t offended, but we throw every evangelist a “Sock-it-to-Me” party on the last night of the revival.”

“It’s weird, but everybody in the church brings all kinds of crazy socks and we have an ice cream social in the church basement.”

Sure enough, on Friday night there were tables lined up with HUNDREDS of pairs of socks! We had trash bags filled with socks! We just had socks… socks… and MORE SOCKS!

I tell you that story to let you know that God is into EVERY DETAIL of our lives …all the way down to the bottoms of our feet!

He hasn’t forgotten the recipe to get water out of a rock, how to split the Red Sea, or how to pay your rent!

God is going to abundantly supply ALL of our needs! In fact, in this Banner Year of 2019, He’s gonna BLOW OUR MINDS!

Have a great day, today! I call you BLESSED!

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  • Sandra Banda says:

    I was one of those kids growing up. We were dirt poor, but we didn’t really realized how poor we were because God supplied all our needs. I’m sure my Mom had many sleepless nights trying to raise six kids on a waitress salary and $100 a month child support. Somehow we always had a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs and shoes and socks on our feet. In those days I didn’t worry, I knew we would be taken care of. I am now among the elderly and I have to remind myself to not worry, to trust in God and have faith that He is still taking care of me and always will.

  • Teresa Jackson says:

    Good morning, Thank you for that confirmation that I needed today. I know GOD will provide. Have a blessed day 😊

  • Rose Rodriguez says:

    Thank you.

  • Sharina Smith says:

    I am so grateful for this particular blog post. It helped renew my trust in God for everything. I appreciate you taking the time to share you blogs posts with us every week. I read them every time they come into my email. Continue to let God use you. You are changing lives. Thank you!

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