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Everything big starts small. That dream that you have, that goal, that ministry that you’re supposed to start, that business… it is often fear that causes us to think, “I’m going to be ashamed if this fails.”

Plans For Good

In Jeremiah 29:11, the bible says, “I Know The Plans I Have For You They’re For Good And Not For Evil…” God wants us to focus on the good He has for us. In Isaiah 55:8, it says, “I Don’t Think The Way You Think.” So how DOES God think?

Speak Your Plan

God looks at the dark and says, “Light.” (Genesis 1:3) He looks at adversities, problems, and “impossibilities” and says SPEAK TO THE MOUNTAIN (Mark 11:23). Just as He spoke to a fig tree (Mark 11:13; 21).

Think Differently

God always thinks differently. He wants us to think like He thinks. God wants us to push the boundaries of our creativity. He wants us to go back to that vivid imagination we had when we were kids.

God Starts With Your Imagination

When I was just a little boy playing Pac-Man, I would pretend that those little people in the game were people that I was reaching for God. I didn’t know what God was doing, but He was planting a seed in my heart and He had a big plan for my life.

Be Specific About What You Want

After my Dad went on to be with the Lord, I decided to think big, so I went back to my imagination. I cut the ABC time slot out of the TV guide, circled it and put it on the refrigerator because I wanted to see it every day (Ok, several times a day ☺). I had to think the way God thinks, I had to stretch my boundaries, to think bigger than my past and say, “God, I see us on ABC. I see it happening.”

“Fear Not!” When That Next Level Comes!

We went on television and the church began to explode and thousands of people’s lives were changed. But being on TV costs tens of thousands of dollars! I don’t have the money! God didn’t ask if I had the money. He said, “DO YOU HAVE THE FAITH?”

If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It!

When we begin to push to the new level, all of a sudden we see things that we didn’t see before. Now we’ve got room! We’ve expanded our borders and can see further, we can see that bigger picture that we couldn’t quite see from the level below. It’s uncomfortable, the pushing, but IF IT WAS EASY EVERYONE WOULD DO IT.

Look Forward To The View At The Next Level, It’s AMAZING!

I’d like to encourage you in whatever you’re facing the challenges, the opportunities, to push the boundaries, to expand your territory, face the discomfort and look forward to the view that is going to come at that next level!!!

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