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A couple of years ago, I was watching American Idol with my daughter. (Don’t judge me!) There was a lady who didn’t win, who just kept crying through every single interview!

Ashtyn finally said, “Man, she’s bringing me DOWN!” I was glad she spoke up because I was feeling the same thing!

We have to pay close attention to our surroundings, or else, we’ll allow those people to pull us down into their NEGATIVE state of mind.

Be careful, little ears, what you hear!

Everyone has an occasional bad day. But, don’t allow your life to become an emotional roller coaster, with its random HIGHS and desperately low LOWS!

We’re not supposed to think like the rest of the world. We program ourselves with God’s Word to have hope and keep us focused on POSITIVE thoughts.

“…whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely…” Philippians 4:8 (NKJV)

Think on these things!

And… when things DO go wrong, (believe me, they will) we look to God with anticipation to see how He is going to turn the situation around for our good.

Negative thinking will keep you from enjoying your life. Get around some fun, happy, positive-minded Christians and just ENJOY THE RIDE!

Have a great day, today! I call you BLESSED!

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  • Pauline says:

    Thank Pastor. This spoke to me today and I thank you for putting me back in line with God.

  • Nicole Waldron says:

    Pastor Dave,
    This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning!!! It never fails when I have something going on in my head I feel God speaks directly to me through you. I was sitting here at my desk a few minutes ago feeling defeated that my sales weren’t closing this month the way that I want and need them to. Working multiple jobs so my business I started investing into last year can become a source of income and my main focus eventually. Praying on the way to work this morning and just feeling defeated. I’m choosing to stay positive for the rest of the day and know that all things work together for his good. His plan and way are always better than my ideas. Sometimes we really think our ideas and ways are so good though. LOl, I just hear my God say “Oh Hunny you think your idea is good? HAHAHA! Wait till you see what I have in store” So know I just need to take my hand off the steering wheel and let him drive.
    Thank You for being my Pastor and always being yourself and not a cookie cutter pastor!!! 4/9/19 Tuesday night service was AMAZING by the way

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