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One morning, Nicole asked me to have coffee on the back deck with her. I’m thinking, “What? It’s 40 degrees outside!” But, she walked by me with that little walk of hers and I was persuaded.

Love will keep us warm!

So we sat outside cuddling under a blanket, having a nice time, just kinda flirting with each other.

Sometimes, when we’ve been married for a while, we forget how to flirt. We’re just blunt.

“I want to see something naked!” (Guys trust me, one of the worst lines you can possibly use.) The next thing you know, someone’s offended and sleeping on the far edge of the bed!

The sexual connection between husband and wife is so important because it reflects intimacy. “The two become ONE.”

When we’re intimate with another person, we’re actually tying our souls together. So likewise, when we don’t connect sexually, we’re untying our souls and DISCONNECTING from one another.

If we don’t connect, we don’t feel like ONE anymore. We feel like two, which leaves us open to become one with SOMEBODY ELSE.

Invest in that person who’s in your life RIGHT NOW. Care about what they care about. Flirt a little and keep that sexual connection.

 I don’t know about you. But when I’m old, I don’t want to be searching for a woman who’ll help me up the stairs. Lol

 Have a great day, today! I call you BLESSED!


The NEW relationship series, “He Said, She Said” starts this weekend! I’ve got a lot more stories. Don’t miss out!

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  • Kathy S Wacker says:

    What do u do when your husband has mother issues regarding anger that he won’t take it up with her he takes it out on me not physically but mentally & emotionally but he doesn’t care to do anything about it….He will talk about it with me & counselor but there’s no action behind it..I have told him its affecting our relationship but still nothing…What do I do? I’m fixing to leave..I’ve dealt with this for 22 years I’m exhausted and unhealthy for me and I want to set a better life for myself and set a better example for my 2 daughters

    • David Crank David Crank says:

      Our prayer team would love to pray for you! They are available after every service. You can also call the front office at 314-635-2000 to put in a prayer request and someone from our team will call you back to pray with you.

  • abby ortegaa says:

    I read your book help me a lot 10-10-80 rule. I am asking for prayers for break through. Financially. My husband pass away 3 years ago and I pray and I always feel like I am just a little above water.

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