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The Power Of The Whisper

God told me one day, “Just whisper now. Just talk to me in a whisper.” We pay more attention to people who whisper. Sometimes I whisper and when I do the other person has to listen closely because everyone else is yelling. When we whisper at the dinner table, everyone heightens their ears to hear what we have to say. We don’t always have to yell, and sometimes the most powerful things come in a whisper that we can hardly hear.

In Order To Hear A Whisper, We Must Be Close To The Other Person

We don’t typically whisper to someone across a crowded room, but when they are near us we can lean over and whisper in their ear. It’s intimate, it’s personal and it’s just between us. But we have to be close for it to happen. God whispered to me, and I whispered to him. It was the most powerful talk we’ve had in a long time. The most powerful thing we can do isn’t talking to others, but it’s whispering to God. Are you close enough to God to hear his whisper?

What If God Whispered This To You?

This is not by accident. This is God. This my word. This is your world. This your mission. You will speak to the nations through your gift. No matter what your gift is I will put my super on your natural, and it will have a ripple effect across time. You will put your ear to the ground and listen so that I can whisper to you. You will change the world through the power of the whisper, and then I will change your world. But I will not change your world until you change your priorities and listen for my whisper.

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